Our goal has always been to provide high quality training to our student. In order to garantee the international recognition of the training of our engineers, we announce that our Engineering School (EPI-Polytechnique) has just been accredited by the German organization of study programs ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics / Computer Science, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics).

Program Accreditation

EPI Polytechnique has succeeded in obtaining the following international recognitions and labels:

The ASIIN Subject-Specific Quality Seal : awarded by the ASIIN, as an accreditation body,  which certifies that we offer our engineering students educational programs that meet the scientific and professional requirements .
This label ensures that we offer protected conditions for successful teaching and learning assignments.

EUR-ACE®-Label (European Accreditation for Engineering) : awarded by ASIIN,in its capacity as a founding member of ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education), and which guarantees the scientific and academic quality , international recognition of our engineering training program and its efficiency for the engineering career. In fact, it’s an additional criteria to facilitate the international mobility of our students.

Euro-Inf® Label (European accreditation of IT programs): granted by ASIIN, in its capacity as the first accreditation agency authorized to award this label on behalf of EQANIE (European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education), and which certifies that our computer science study program comply with the  international standards in computer science education.

The computer science engineering department at EPI-Polytechnique is honored  to be the first to obtain this  label on a national scale.

Obtaining these labels and this international recognition of the quality of training that we offer to our engineering students is an additional guarantee for them that they will have valuable assets during recruitment and promoting their academic and professional mobility. This confirms our vision of excellence that we have followed since the launch of our group.

ISO 9001 certification: 2015 version

Our aim is to offer the best quality of service and we strive to meet international requirements. Thus, EPI group announces that it has obtained the ISO 9001 version 2015 label (latest version to date).
This standard is based on quality management principles to satisfy students and ensure continuous improvement.
Our management and organizational system are established in perfect consistency with the requirements of the ISO standard. Indeed, this allows us to offer the best services to our students, parents, teachers, employees, companies and partnering schools.Moreover, it guarantees the follow-up of students from registration to professional integration. This certificate  garantees the success for our students as well as the development of our partnership relationships with schools, companies and organizations such as the order of engineers and architects.