Do you want to improve your level in English, French, German, etc., or enhance your language skills for your academic studies or professional environment? Are you a company, university, or business looking to improve your staff's language proficiency? EPI LC offers professional training that meets the specific expectations of each learner.

EPI LC supports you with a range of certified training programs tailored to your language level according to the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The academic training we offer is increasingly strengthened by the importance given to languages through modern pedagogy, adapted to the needs and linguistic levels of our students and learners.

Our language center aims to offer language courses in French, English, German, etc., following the most recent teaching methods. Our teaching system is based on approaches that match the learner's level: A (Beginner), B (Intermediate), C (Expert).

To assess each student/learner's level and assign them to the appropriate group, we conduct a free placement test that evaluates each learner's language proficiency.



EPI LC has infrastructure that meets the expectations of our students and learners, featuring 6 state-of-the-art language laboratories.
Our language laboratories are equipped to meet your needs, where our teachers offer interactive multimedia activities.
To accelerate and facilitate language learning, EPI LC has digital laboratories equipped with language software, applications, and headsets, which help not only to develop language skills but also to ensure active involvement and enjoyable learning.