The EPI SUP component of the EPI Group is a modern and secure Campus that has an ideal location (close to university homes, shopping malls, availability of means of transport).

The EPI SUP Campus brings together 3 buildings: EPI Polytechnique (Engineers and Engineers-Architects), EPI Business School and EPI Stadium. It is spread over an area of 7000 m2 including 3000 m2 of green and recreational space. The covered area dedicated to education is 15.000 m2.

The Campus EPI SUP has  an Auditorium (300 seats), amphitheatres (60 seats, 80 seats, 120 seats), three seminar rooms (80 seats each), two media centres with a very high-speed connection by optical fiber ( 1Gb/s), a trading room equipped with computers in direct connection with the Forex market, spacious laboratories and workshops very well equipped: 60 computing Labs , Electrical Engineering Lab, Civil Engineering Lab, RDM Lab, Optical Lab, Chemistry Lab, Automation Lab, Mechanical Hall, Languages ​​and Communication Lab, Electronics Lab, Hydraulic Lab, Topography Lab, Electrical Installations Lab and 5 Architecture Workshops

EPI Stadium is a self-contained outdoor space of 2000 m2. This space includes a multisport field (Foot, Hand, Volley, Basketball, Tennis, etc.), 2 gym rooms, 2 locker rooms and bleachers ( 400 -seat amphitheatre with a 50 m2 stage).

EPI Stadium is dedicated to sports and cultural activities as well as the organization of events (ceremonies, shows, theatre, music and cinema) that can accommodate 1200 people.

Campus EPI SUP offers three  cafeterias with game rooms.