Joining the EPI Group, a leader in private higher education in the region, is now possible following the opening of registrations for the 2024/2025 academic year.

Whether you wish to pursue your studies in one of our 4 schools: EPI Polytechnique, EPI Digital School, EPI Business School, or EPI Architecture, your choice is surely justified by the growing reputation that the EPI Group has gained over more than a decade of excellence.

The EPI Group will always strive to offer its students the best in terms of education, infrastructure, and personal development.

You can now submit your registration documents.

With EPI, your challenges are overcome.




The EPI Group Schools offer a wide range of courses: Preparatory School, Engineering, Architecture, Bachelor's degree, Bachelor's degree in English and Master's degree.
These Trainings cover several Specialties.
Choose the School, Training and Speciality that meet your ambitions and correspond to your professional project by consulting the study plans available on our Site.

Les dossiers de candidature peuvent être déposés à la scolarité ou envoyés par courrier (Formulaires d’inscription à télécharger). Vous pouvez également vous inscrire en ligne.

Applications can be submitted to the school or sent by post ( registration forms to download). You can also register online.

The selection is made on the basis of an application (results obtained and EPI score) followed by a motivational interview with a jury. The calculation of the EPI score takes into account the average of the baccalaureate, the grades obtained in languages as well as the grades of the main subjects related to the chosen course.
The motivational interview, which lasts 20 to 30 minutes, will be devoted to questions of general culture and questions relating to the candidate's motivation, his or her future project and his or her extracurricular activities.
At the end of this interview, the candidate will take  multiple choice tests of placement in French and English languages lasting 7 minutes each test.

An Admission Jury ranks candidates according to the number of places offered.
they validate or reject the Admission of each candidate to a given course.
The results are communicated via the app.

Required documents

  1. ID Copy
  2. Registration Form
  3. Certified copy of the baccalaureate diploma
  4. Certified copy of the baccalaureate transcript
  5. Certified copy of the last diploma obtained
  6. Copies of transcripts
  7. 2 stamped envelopes
  8. 4 photos
  9. A birth certificate in French
  10. Application and maintenance fees (These fees include the management of the file, the motivational interview and a level test in English with certification)