To continue improving our students' and learners' skills and ensure the effectiveness of language teaching, EPI LC has implemented a communicative action-oriented teaching approach based on the fundamentals of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Before starting your training, a placement test will assess your language skills and determine your language level to provide appropriate and tailored courses and learning activities.

Our language teaching method includes:

  • An entry placement test that determines the linguistic skills, prior knowledge, and needs of each student/learner.
  • A teaching approach based on level-specific learning: CEFR
  • Audio-oral method
  • Audio-visual method
  • Communicative and action-oriented approach based on contextualized exchanges
  • LCA approach: Learner-Centered Pedagogy
  • Linguistic interaction

Upon graduation, each of our students will receive the International TOEIC certificate, which is a true reference for institutions, universities, recruiters, and companies worldwide.


  • Address the specific linguistic needs of each individual by offering a methodology based on communication and language practice in a social and professional context.
  • Improve oral comprehension and expression to communicate effectively.
  • Facilitate the practical application of specific vocabulary and acquired knowledge.
  • Enhance language skills through real-life professional and daily scenarios.
  • Regularly offer sociocultural events that strengthen linguistic and communication skills.
  • Master the basics of written and oral communication through a competency-based and project-based teaching approach.
  • Enable learners to acquire sustainable language skills that ensure a better educational journey and easier professional integration.
  • EPI LC has an innovative and experienced pedagogical framework that offers high-quality training and professional development.