Your objectives are achieved in EPI, so let’s defeat all challenges.

Mohamed Sassi RADHOUAN :

CEO of the EPI group

Dear EPI employees,

13 years after launching the EPI project as a university and as a professional formation group, we recognise a fast and continuous evolution of the number of workers, compagnies and organisms that we trust. Today, the EPI group is facing a success that obliges us to take more important responsabilities. We need to preserve our leading position in the region of the Sahel by reinforcing our actions in order to defeat nationally and internationally. Everyone of us will put all his knowledge and experience in order to succeed in this noble and strategic mission for the sake of our country.

Therefore, we are ehngaged to respect the needs of our clients and the regulations through the establishment ofhuman, organisational and financial means. Excellence will be our guide to accomplish our mission .

The excellence of the formation quality :

The EPI group provides students with a variety of specialties that are highly recommended in the professional field. The programs are designed through a collaboration with highly qualified professors in the fields of engineering, management and architecture. An accreditation by specialised organisms in the field is a quality-process that will be leading in the years to come.

The objective is to allow students to possess respectful diplomas, a fast and smooth integration within the market, assuring the satisfaction ofhuge national and international compagnies.

The operational and organisational excellence :

Since the launching of EPI group, the structuring of the administration, the regulation and the potential of employees has been one of the major concerns of

The commercial excellence : We continue to develop our process and offensive strategy taking place in 2016 by proposing the best formations with an array of specialties that are the most required in the national and international market. We should not deviate from our objectives and respect engagements of all the necessities of our clients and the regulations.

We engage ourselves in assuring the continuous evolution of our qualified management system.

Best regards,