EPI SUP, with its 4 Schools (Polytechnic, Digital School, Architecture and Business- School) is entering its thirteenth year of existence by displaying results consistent with its ambitions.

Indeed, with its more than 3000 registered students and their 2300 trained graduates, EPI SUP has been able to meet the challenges of its development by offering students spaces, equipment and programs that meet the standards required in the field of higher education. Among the results achieved since its creation, is notably the obtaining of the Label EUR-ACE for our training in Construction, Components and Systems engineering. Our IT course was distinguished by the LabelEURO-INF . With your confidence and the desire to innovate that motivates us, nothing will be spared to offer our students the best and support them towards success.

Prof. Mohamed Sassi RADHOUANI
Founder of EPI Group

Dr. Mahdi MEJRI
Director of EPI DS and EPI BS

Dr. Marwen BEN RFIFA
Director of EPI Poly and EPI Arch