Since the beginning of the 2020 academic year, the EPI group has formed a partnership with WIS (Web International School) to obtain a Bachelor's degree in the digital project manager's profession.
This partnership offers students the opportunity to start their curriculum at the EPI Digital School and to automatically continue in France for the 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree.

This exceptional program, designed on the basis of dual skills leading to the automatic acquisition of a double degree, trains operational managers in the digital sector capable of working within a company in the support services of digitalization: information systems management, sales management, marketing management and communication.
This 3rd year career path allows students to specialize in

  • Full Stack Development
  • UX Designer
  • Data Driven Marketing

In parallel with the "Digital Project Manager" course, students prepare the "Digital the "Web and Mobile Web Developer" course, which provides the knowledge and technical skills required to complete a digital project as well as a complete vision of the profession.
This course guarantees you :

  • A double diploma: a Tunisian diploma and a French diploma recognized by the state.
  • An automatic departure to France for the 3rd year in one of the 9 campuses of WIS (Auxerre, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse).
  • A quick and simplified admission procedure.
  • Reduced tuition fees.




  • Project: Design and Development of Web Solution
  • Algorithms and PHP Language
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • SQL Language
  • Database Design
  • Project: Design and Implementation of a Web-based Database
  • Google AdWords Workshop
  • Project: Design and Implementation of Digital Communication
  • Emailing Fundamentals Workshop
  • Digital Communication Channels
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media and SMO (Social Media Optimization) Workshop
  • English
  • General Knowledge and Expression
  • Project: Development of an Object-Oriented Application (Python or C++)
  • Object-Oriented Algorithm Concepts Workshop (Python or C++)
  • Python Language
  • Git Workshop
  • Project: Installation of System and Network Infrastructure for Web Environment
  • Network Architecture: Fundamentals
  • Cybersecurity
  • Windows Environment Workshop
  • Web Server Workshop
  • Installation and Configuration of a CMS (Content Management System)
  • Technology Watch Synthesis Report
  • Economic Environment: Production & Financing of a Company
  • Legal Environment of the Company
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Managerial Culture & Team Management
  • English
  • General Knowledge and Expression
  • Professional Project
  • Mobile Development
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Responsive Web Design & Mobile Platform Development
  • Project: Marketing Data Management and Extraction & Online Reputation
  • Web Advertising
  • Marketing Mix
  • Lead Acquisition Strategy
  • Online Reputation Workshop
  • English: Digital & Professional Environment
  • General Culture & Expression (Interbrand Experience)
  • E-Customer Relationship
  • E-commerce Website Installation
  • Web and E-commerce Diagnosis


  • Project: Design of Digital Content and Animation of an Optimized E-commerce Site
  • Digital Communication Strategy
  • Animation of Digital Strategy
  • Brand Marketing
  • English: Digital & Professional Environment
  • General Culture & Expression
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Customer Relationship Software
  • Customer Data Segmentation
  • Advanced KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return on Investment) Analytics
  • Content Writing and SEO Optimization
  • DTP (Desktop Publishing): Photoshop - Illustrator
  • Motion Design
  • Legal Environment of Digital: Data and Intangible Assets Protection
  • Legal Environment: Employment Contract & Employee Protection
  • Personal Development and Critical Thinking