Our pedagogical project is adapted to the needs of entreprises that represet themseleves in terms of competences, skills as well as human qualities and well being. Meetings with professionals, internships and the industrial projects are part and parcil of the formation. The study programs are based two main courses which are the following :


  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Components and systems construction Engineering (CSCE)

These programs are characterised by their evolution and adaptation capacities to the innovative needs of entreprises . As such, the after baccalauret formation begins by an integrated preparatory cycle of two years ( IPC) in each course.


The integrated preparatory cycle allow students to progressively develop their competences in an engineering school environment which prepares them to join the diverse specialties of the EPI-Polytechnique (years 3, 4 and 5).

Along this curriculum of engineering formation, students accomplish projets (PPE, PFA or PFE) under the supervision of a teacher or a professional. Each project paves the way for a report to be presented in the presence of a committee.

Our programs are always updated in order to respond better to the needs of the professional field in conformity with the international standards . Their main aim is the develoing of the analytical skills and scientific reasoning, the autonomous woking style and the team work, in addition to communication and openness .

Channels Engineer

Génie civil

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Génie électromécanique

Electromechanical engineering

Génie Industriel

Industrial Engineering

Génie informatique

Computer Engineering

Génie mécanique

Mechanical Engineering